The Legend of Vicar Amelia

The Save As review of Bloodborne is just around the corner, and to celebrate, Curtis and I decided to put together some Let's Play videos. In it, you'll see my valiant attempts at putting down Vicar Amelia, the third-ish boss in the game.

It's a long and painful struggle with many deaths, profanity, and just plain eating away at my soul... or blood. You get the idea.

Chapter I - Vicar's Rage

Ryan's raging that he can't beat this boss in Bloodborne, watch him try with the moral support of Curtis as his side.

Chapter II - Seraphim Julius

Ryan discover's the power of Fire Paper in Bloodborne, but after running low on stock his chances of overcoming Vicar Amelia aren't looking good. But things take a turn, when SeraphimJulius steps into the fray, and turns the odds against the foul beast.

If you're only interested in the final boss battle, that's here: