Thomas Happ and Dan Adelman of Axiom Verge

Thomas Happ is a one man army. He designed, developed, and scored Axiom Verge, the indie Metroid-esq throwback that while seems at home in today’s video game world, seemed less obvious when he begun the project five years ago. 

Dan Adelman is an industry veteran who use to work on Xbox then at Nintendo for nearly nine years ushering in their relationships with independent developers. He understand the business of making games, and the work required in making them successful.

Thomas and Dan together are the story of Axiom Verge. A work of art created by one man, but without the experience shepherding it into the world or even the unbiased view to know what to charge for his work. Together we all discuss the road to releasing a game, what resources publishers and console manufactures can bring to the table, and building trust in partners to do their job to become successful together.