On your privacy

I've decided to dump Google Analytics and Disqus on this website. I've even gone as far as removing the profiles for my websites in Google Analtyics and delete my Disqus profile all together. 

Not a lot of people realize, a huge amount of websites on the internet have Google Analytics installed in the code. What that did for me was tell me interesting things like what web browsers people used when coming to this site, and what device they're using. Lately as I've become more mindful of not only my own data privacy, but the data privacy of others.

To be clear, this website is powered by Squarespace, which has their own website tracking and still tells me about basic visitor data and my popular content, but the key difference is that visitor data is not Squarespace's business, it's helping people build beautiful websites. I should know, I work here. That's pretty difference from Google's business which is being able to gather this data and using it to sell ads.

Removing Google Analytics and Disqus had another side benefit. Save As Games loads faster than ever. So bonus!

As the final statement on this from me. I don't want your personal information to sell, I do not want to know any personal identifiable information about my visitors, and I will always respect your privacy, because I'm honored you'd just come to visit.

Thank's for reading,

- Ryan